Opsian Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What versions of Java do you support?

Our agent currently supports Linux x86-64 and an Oracle, Sun or Open JDK. We don't support IBM J9 or JRockit at the moment. If you're interested in using our product with either of these JVMs then please let us know.

What Operating Systems and distributions do you support?

  • Linux - Our standard JVM agent supports Linux x86-64 glibc-based distributions on kernel 3.2+. Nearly all major Linux distributions are glibc-based (Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, Debian and OpenSUSE). The standard agent does not support musl-based distributions such as Alpine Linux unless the glibc-compatibility package is installed and when run with a glibc-based OpenJDK build. If this is not possible we have a reduced-functionality build of the Opsian agent against musl, contact us for access.
  • Mac OS X - We don't produce a native agent for OS X however Opsian can be used via Docker for Mac and the openjdk docker images for testing in development.
  • Windows - Support for Windows is in our roadmap, if you'd like to be notified when it's available then please contact us.

How can we install the debug symbols for distro packaged JVMs?

If you've downloaded a JVM from a normal distribution - for example Oracle, Azul or Adopt OpenJDK - then it will come with debug symbols built in. Many distributions do not ship debug symbols with their JDK packages, this will result in some features of the Opsian agent not being available. It is easy to install the debug packages.

  • Ubuntu - If you are using Java 11 then run apt install openjdk-11-dbg or if you're running Java 8 then run apt install openjdk-8-dbg
  • Red Hat / Centos - If you are running version 7 or later then you need to Enable the DebugInfo repository on Red Hat or Centos. Then you need to install the appropriate debug info package for your JDK version, for example yum -y install java-1.8.0-openjdk-debuginfo.x86_64 if you're using Java 8.

What servers will your agent talk to?

Our agent makes outbound connections to collector.opsian.com (IP addresses,,, and on port 50052.

Where are your servers based?

Our servers are all based within the EU in France.

What rate do you profile at?

We currently profile at a maximum rate of 14Hz (stack traces per second) per processor.