Production Profiling & Observability

Want to improve your end-user experience? Create capacity and scale? Reduce cost of Infrastructure?
Try our easy to install and low overhead production profiler.
Java + JVM support today, other platforms coming soon.

Why Production Profiling?

Are you tired of performance problems that are tricky to diagnose? Maybe you profile your code in development. It's often hard to tell from that profiling what is actually wrong. Development profiling runs on different hardware to production, with synthetic and unrealistic load and usage patterns. It can often lead to wasted time and inaccurate results. We want to help you profile in production.

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Production Profiling

The ability to see what your application is really doing in production.

Always On

No need to fuss and fiddle with attaching tooling when you have a problem.

Historical Data

Compare what your application is doing during a problem period with normal behaviour.

Easy Setup

Just add our agent and login to the website - you're ready to go.

Ultra-low Overhead

Our tooling won't become your performance problem.


Keep your eye on the pulse of your software.

Join the beta list

We're adding users to our JVM beta now, with cRuby and cPython to follow shortly.

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Primary Runtime Environment and Language

Production Profiling

  • Always on, very low overhead
  • Profile on production servers with real data and usage patterns
  • Not on developer's machines with fake data

Visualise what your application really does

  • Modern Flamegraph view
  • Traditional Tree view
  • Simple hot methods view

Devops and Cloud Ready

  • Help developers to understand production.
  • Help SREs or operations staff to understand developers.
  • Currently supporting Java and JVM applications, other platforms coming soon.

About Us

Sadiq Jaffer

Sadiq holds a PhD in Autonomous Robotics and has for years consulted for multi-national companies designing and implementing highly scalable intelligent platforms. His experience has included deep learning systems, embedded platforms, desktop and mobile games development.

Richard Warburton

Richard is a Software Engineer, Teacher and Java Champion. He is a cofounder of Opsian and has a long-standing passion for improving Java performance. He’s worked as a developer in different areas including HFT, Static Analysis, Compilers and Network Protocols. He has written the book “Java 8 Lambdas” for O’Reilly and helps developers learn via and He is a regular speaker on the conference circuit and holds a PhD in Computer Science from The University of Warwick.